Art Investment

Here at Waluso Gallery, we have built a simple, transparent offering to help you invest in Art, whatever your budget may be:

1.     Consultation. Whether over the phone or face to face  in our Hoxton Gallery, we have Art specialists who will walk you through the current market,       demonstrate the growth and advise on a selection of Blue-chip/up and coming artists.  We cater for clients between £1000 – £5,000,000 so there is no threshold – you choose an amount that works for you.

2.     Source. If the particular piece that you are looking to invest into is not currently in our collection, we have a global network of specialists who will find the exact piece you are after.

3.     Invest. Secure the artwork you want !

4.     Track. Over 6/12/18/24 months, watch your investment grow in value and receive dedicated information on your chosen Artist’s work and the market growth.

5.     Sell. You may not ever want to, but if you are looking to sell, then we will aid In the process.

Contemporary Art Market Share

For the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, the Contemporary Art Market’s four main health indicators are all positive for the last 12 months

The global turnover rose +19%, reaching $1.9 billion

The volume of transactions grew +17% with 66,850Contemporary works sold

The global unsold rate remained stable at 39%

Core Market Statistics

The price index of Contemporary art increased by +18.5%

The almost identical increase in the Market’s three mainindicators – all three very close to +18% – suggests a rapid, but perfectly balanced, growth of Contemporary art sales. Thus, in the past year we have witnessed an almost uniform progression of the market in terms of prices, and auction turnover.

As you can see below – the market as indicated by auction is on the up. 


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